Rafaele Appleby

I am delighted to be having an exhibition with Timothy just a hop and a skip from the church where we were married with its joyous Burne-Jones windows.

Life is full of creativity, from creating a family together to diving into the delight of colour. Finding the balance where each enhances the other is what I continue to strive for.

Working in the studio next to Timothy gives me the choice to be quite solitary or to discuss the work when needed. I am always interested in his opinion, though I don’t always take his advice.


Timothy Appleby

I began a lifelong conversation with painting in the 1970s while I was a student at Central School of Art. The challenges of image-making and wrestling with colour, line, form, rhythm, shape, and meaning remain compelling for me.

Rafaele and I have been living and painting in Cumbria for more than 25 years. Our studios are next to each other in our rambling farmhouse, but they are private work spaces. I don’t know if there are any influences visible in Rafaele’s or my work.

Rafaele works in her studio much more than I work in mine. She’s in there every day. I, however, work in bursts of energy and enthusiasm followed by long periods of indolence.


The Exhibition will be at the Front Room, Brampton beginning with an opening on the evening of Thursday 13 September and running to Saturday 29 September 2018. The gallery opening hours can be found on their website:


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