Latest exhibition

Marking the Land: Westwards
Harbour House, Kingsbridge, Devon,
Bethany Murray • Frances Murray • Rafaele Appleby

1 – 12 June 2019


Past exhibitions

Group shows

LYC Gallery, Cumbria

Crane Kalman Gallery, London

Wighton Gallery, Norfolk

Michael Parkin Gallery

FACE, Hallbankgate

Tullie House, Cumbria

A Vital Simplicity, Wiseman Gallery, London


Curated by Rafaele

Art After George, Dacre Hall, Cumbria


Solo/two person shows

FRONT ROOM, Brampton, Rafaele Appleby and Timothy Appleby 2018

Grange Gallery, Sussex, Following William's Footsteps and other paths 2017

Storey Gallery, Lancaster, Legend Stones 2016

Naworth Castle, Cumbria, Under African Skies, solo show

Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, Opening the Circle, solo show

Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria, Pictures from a Marriage, Two man show

The Source, Cumbria, Solo Show

Lulu's Barns, Cumbria, My friends as Vessels, Solo show

C-Art, Cumbria 2014

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