Latest exhibition

Grange Gallery, Sussex,
Following William's Footsteps and other paths,

21 September – 3 October 2017


Past exhibitions

Group shows

Storey Gallery, Lancaster, Legend Stones 2016

LYC Gallery, Cumbria

Crane Kalman Gallery, London

Wighton Gallery, Norfolk

Michael Parkin Gallery

FACE, Hallbankgate

Tullie House, Cumbria

A Vital Simplicity, Wiseman Gallery, London


Curated by Rafaele

Art After George, Dacre Hall, Cumbria


Solo/two person shows

Naworth Castle, Cumbria, Under African Skies, solo show

Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, Opening the Circle, solo show

Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria, Pictures from a Marriage, Two man show

The Source, Cumbria, Solo Show

Lulu's Barns, Cumbria, My friends as Vessels, Solo show

C-Art, Cumbria 2014

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